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RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chains


315/75D15  11.2×20 13.6×26 9.5×36
9.5×16 355/80D20  14.9×26 270/95R36
11.2×16 41x1400x20  16.9×26 11.2-36
12.4-16 43×16.00-20 18.4×26 12.4×36
13.6×16 8.3×24  11.2×28 13.6×36
13.50×16.1 9.5×24  12.4×28 9.5×38
18.4-16.1 11.2×24  13.6×28 11.2×38
 10×16.5 12.4×24  14.9×28 12.4×38
265/70D16.5 13.6×24 16.9×28 13.6×38
12×16.5 14.9×24 18.4×28 15.5×38
305/70D16.5 16.9-24  14.9×30 16.9×38
 14×17.5 420/70D24 16.9×30 18.4×38
355x70D17.5 17.5Lx24 18.4×30 20.8×38
 10.5/80-18 18.4×24 9.5×32 12.4×40
 12.5/80-18 19.5Lx24 11.2×34 12.4×42
 340/80R18 500/70R24 290/95R34
 15×19.5 21Lx24 16.9×34
 385/65D19.5 540/70R24 18.4-34


Features and Benefits of Road Boss Chain

  • Heavy duty (4-LINK) RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chains are ideal for both highway and off road conditions such as general road work and farm work.
  • Excellent choice for tractor turf tread tires or tractor tires where the lugs are worn down. Less effective on deep lug tires since the cross chains may slip down between the lugs.
  • Usually more economically priced than the more complex chain patterns and styles.
  • Case hardened with a twist link design which provides added traction in mud, snow and field conditions.
  • All sizes of Roadboss tractor chains have a cross chain thickness of either 3/8″ or 7/16″. Any tire size with a width of 17.5 inches (ex. 17.5L-24) or below will have 3/8″ cross chains. Any tire size with a width of 18.4 inches (ex. 18.4-38) or above will have 7/16″ cross chains.

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We recommend you contact a tractor tire chain expert because there are questions that need to be asked, such as tire clearance and work environment conditions to name a few.

Tire chains are the best solution when you are forced to operate in harsh conditions, and will provide you with the traction to keep your machine operating all year long and battle through the toughest conditions.

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